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Energy Transition

Clean Energy for All Europeans Package: Does the Commission Modelling Assign the Right Role to Energy Efficiency and to Renewables?


The Clean Energy for all Europeans package is the first opportunity for Europe to align its domestic energy and climate targets with the ratified Paris Climate Agreement and the ratified Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, the Commission’s modelling methodology and results do not reflect well the ratified international agreements and significantly overestimate the cost of energy transition.

Réinventer le collectif en devenant un crapaud fou

Le concept de "crapaud fou" est né de l’analyse du voyage que font les crapauds pour se reproduire. Chaque année, de manière grégaire, tous les crapauds se déplacent vers la zone de reproduction. Sauf que, quelques crapauds choisissent d’aller dans une direction opposée, ou trouvent des tunnels que les écologistes creusent pour eux sous les routes. Les crapauds qui suivent les voies conventionnelles se font, souvent, écraser par les automobilistes.

Crazy Toading

“Crazy toading” means doing things differently or in unexpected way. The concept is based on the analysis of the travel toads make, every year, to reproduce. Each year, in a gregarious manner, all toads move to the breeding area. However, few toads choose to go in an opposite direction, or use the tunnels environmentalists dig for them under the roads. Toads that follow conventional tracks are often crushed by cars. While those who venture in unconventional directions, survive, reach the breeding area and save the species.

Getting our homes future ready: Essential skills and innovative solutions for a fair energy transition in public, cooperative and social housing

The event is an initiative of Housing Europe as part of the PROF TRAC project which targets technical experts, architects and managers involved in nZEB design and construction.

Energy Efficiency Drives Jobs: A European Perspective

Building Energy Exchange organised a workshop to present on the main findings of the report Energy Transition of the EU Building Stock: Unleashing the 4th Industrial Revolution in Europe.

US stakeholders were interested to hear from a leading figure in European energy policy on the potential for energy efficiency projects to boost the global economy.

The video presentation: