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Towards Energy Efficiency Through Behavior Change in Military

The main goal of the workshop is to share knowledge and experience for accelerating and streamlining the processes of enabling an embedding energy efficiency behaviours. To this aim, the workshop facilitates discussion of the recent initiatives on behavioural changes for achieving energy efficiency and, consequently, environmental goals, allows for collaboration and collective learning among attendees; as well as the current state of related strategies in light of the mentioned objectives.

The workshop is expected to focus on the ways in which various initiatives for achieving energy efficiency, and, consequently meeting environmental goals, through behavioural changes have been implemented and how they can be integrated into broader military operational management (within a multicultural context). This can be achieved by collectively identifying specific behaviours with the potential to save energy, defining strategies that effectively support behaviour change, and suggesting a coordinated set of actions during interventions.

The workshop is organised by NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence.