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International Refurbishment Symposium: Productivity, Resilience, Sustainability

The Symposium is a one day event, co-located with the AECB's National Conference at Eco Connect London. This high brow symposium is focussed on productivity, resilience and sustainability in the domestic refurbishment sector. It is about re-thinking assumptions and systems in a time of change.

Improving the energy efficiency of existing building stock presents global challenges. Governments, cities and property owners need to address environmental concerns, grow resilience in buildings and citizens, tackle fuel poverty, and develop more sustainable cities and communities to enable people to thrive into the future.

This inaugural International Refurbishment Symposium, taking place at the Institution of Engineering and Technology, in London on Friday 15 September 2017, will share innovative thinking, latest research and practical solutions to these challenges. The major one-day event brings together thought leaders from academia, policy, finance and industry on the world stage.

It will look at the policy driving retrofit regulation, and the financial barriers and enablers to action, across domestic and non-domestic building sectors. Research presentations will extend from the city scale to the single building, encompassing such activities as office to residential conversion. The symposium will also look at such key areas as local engagement, retrofit of heritage buildings, economically sustainable refurbishment, and solutions including Energiesprong and EnerPHit.

OpenExp is invited to contribute to the symposium with a presentation on the paradigm shift needed in policy design to renovate Europe and ensure the EU building stock is fully decrabonised by 2050.

Registration to the symposium is now open.