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After COP21: Potentials and policies for energy efficient decarbonisation

The annual policy seminar was arranged by eceee within the IEE-funded Energy Efficiency Watch 3 project in cooperation with Fraunhofer ISI, ClimateWorks and the International Energy Agency. Additional funding provided by Energifonden. This year's seminar featured:

  • The groundbreaking ClimateWorks-funded Fraunhofer ISI study DecarbEE, which was launched at COP21 and was presented to a Brussels audience for the first time. This study is the first that really assesses the global potential of EE to deliver cost-effective climate change mitigation.
  • A presentation of the 2015 IEA Energy Efficiency Market Report. This report established itself in 2012 as a key publication to understand the powerful growth of energy efficiency markets. It was this report that coined the concept of energy efficiency as the First Fuel.
  • Together with research consultancy Ecofys the Coalition for Energy Savings is making the case for moving from a least-cost analysis to a cost-benefit analysis in line with Better Regulation to better inform decision-making on 2030 energy efficiency ambition levels. An new, alternative analysis based on European Commission own data about costs of energy efficiency applying a societal perspective will be presented.
  • A recent JRC study on how to make the Energy Union become a reality through energy efficiency was presented.